SQLServer Log Shipping Work File ! What is this all about ?

A short and sweet post for a gorgeous morning –

Have you seen a file with extension .wrk in the log shipping copy folder ?

Logshipping work file

What is this all about, Curious? Then here is the answer –

When the transaction log backup files are copied from the primary server to the secondary server the file is named as a work file(.wrk) till the copy operation is completed.

This will ensure that the restore job in the secondary will not pick the file and try a restore.

Once the file is completely copied, then it will be named as .trn, the one which is very familiar to us.

Logshipping work file2

Normally when the log backups are very small you wont really observe the .wrk file. In a flash they are converted to a .trn file. When the log backups are relatively bigger, then you can see .wrk file available in the copy folder for a longer period of time.

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5 thoughts on “SQLServer Log Shipping Work File ! What is this all about ?

  1. Hi AnupWarrier,

    It’s very good blog about the.wrk file. I kept monitoring in my production environment such kind of files.
    Please advise the time suggestion to keep upto date the most recent file restore on secondary server.
    Such as I keep delay 5 minutes for copy job after the log backup job finish on production server.
    then again 5 minutes delay schedule for restore job.
    So everyone get a chance to perform without any interrupt.

    Mike Smith

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