Why I dream about attending SQLSkills Immersion Events!!!

Do you ever make faces like this?

I often end up doing this after reading the articles or listening to some of the webcasts by Paul, Jonathan, Kimberly, Glenn, Joe and Bob.

This expression says “Opps, Did I just assumed something!!!”

There are multiple instances where the articles, webcasts delivered by the SQLSkills experts helped me to understand a concept very clearly and erased my assumptions.

Now all I want is learn directly from the Masters. Talk to them, interact with them, learn lot of new things from them, and at the end of the day be a better and happier person like this always.

So what is this SQLSkills Immersion Event all about, and why am I so excited about it ?

Immersion Events are set of deep dive training sessions offered by some of the very best SQL Server minds on Planet Earth.Yes, I mean it!

Their experience is so vast that they will talk about their real time experiences with lot of great demos.

These events will really help me to learn about the internals of SQL Server with great precision/clarity and this obviously will help me to do my job better,and climb the ladder of success.

A detailed explanation of the modules covered under each event is given here . A quick check on the modules will help you understand why I am this excited.

If I am lucky enough to attend this year’s Immersion Event then there will be some questions (funny, of course) from me for the SQLSkills members. Some of them are –

To Paul – How many lines of code where there in DBCC CHECKDB!

To Jonathan – Is there an XEvent which you have never talked or blogged about!

To Kimberly – How much time it took to write this whitepaper, just curious!

To Glenn – Will you please come along with me to frys and help me select the Best Processor, Memory and SSD to run SQL 2012!

I am really looking forward to meet and shake hands with some of the very best, very helpful members of SQLSkills.I greatly respect them, and to learn directly from them is my  ”BIG DREAM ” !!!

Thanks for reading.