My 1st SQL in the City Experience !

I attended my 1st #SQLinthecity event hosted by RedGate yesterday. This is one of those events which I wanted to attend for a long time, and I’m glad I could make it this year.


Attendees registering for the event

This whole day event was packed with some cool sessions, and I was able learn something new from each and every session I attended. Yay,  win !

High quality training delivered by RedGate and its all free ! Yes, you heard that correct.

It was a busy day for me and attending back to back sessions are always fun. Here is a list of all the sessions I attended and a short description on what I liked in each session:


1st session :  You did what to my transaction log?  

Speaker : Gail Shaw/Tony Davis.

This was a fun session where Gail Shaw and Tony Davis demonstrated what all possible wrong things people do to their transaction log when it’s full.

This session reminds us that Google/Bing is good, but it contains lot of bad info too!


Gail and Tony talking about transaction log mistakes!


What I liked about this session:

It was interactive and had some demos in it. Interactive sessions are always welcome, and that’s the way to go.

Both Tony and Gail did a good job and there was never a dull moment during the whole 1 hr window.



2nd session : 101 stupid things your colleagues do when setting up SQLServer.

Speaker : Matt Slocum

I should say Matt did a great job in this talk. This was a quick session on what should be the right way of setting up SQLServer. What is recommended vs What’s not.


Matt talking about SQLServer setup mistakes !


What I liked about this session :

Solid content, Ability to answer to the point etc.





3rd session : SQLServer 2014 new features.

Speaker : Kevin Boles

Title name is self-explanatory, and this session was all about the new features in SQL2014. Kevin Boles did a good job here and he ensured that there was never dull moment in this session.



What I liked about this session :

Good content and Kevin talked about lot of features which are kind of hidden within SQL2014, and I like it.




4th session : SQLServer tips and tricks.

Speaker : Ike Ellis

The abstract for this session was interesting and it was like : ” This is a presentation for the YouTube generation. Come discover a series of 20 tips on a wide variety of topics.

What I liked about this session :

I really had a good time attending this session and learned lot of new tips and tricks. Ike did a good job and the session was very interactive. Each tip (Wide variety of topics : Includes SSMS,Profiler, SSRS etc) was explained within 3-5 minutes and demos were nice.

Conclusion :

I should really appreciate RedGate for what they are doing for the SQLServer Community/Family.Events like these are classic examples that they care for their product and us.

Thanks for reading, and keep watching this space for more.


3 thoughts on “My 1st SQL in the City Experience !

  1. SQL in the City London 2014 – had a great day. I enjoyed all the sessions but one stood out for me and that was Ike’s – what a fantastic presenter. His enthusiasm and passion about what he does rubs off and I wished it could have gone on a little longer. Steve Jones too is inspirational. Wished I could have attended PASS Seattle this week but too late – perhaps next year!

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