Out-GridView cmdlet – Interactive table

One of the very interesting cmdlet which I came across today was Out-GridView.This is really powerful and it sends across powershell script output to an interactive table.

I prefer this option as I can slice and dice the data if required.

Out-Gridview requires Microsoft .Netframework 3.5 with SP1.This applies for Powershell 2.0.

Below is the Out-GridView of one of the powershell script which pulls Backup information of SQL Server databases.


This interactive table gives you an option to Add a criteria,and using that criteria you can filter the results.

Example – We are adding the criteria ‘Database Name’ and entering starting characters of Adventure works will filter out the data for you.



This interactive table will be really useful when you are dealing with a lot of data and you need to filer out the same.Exporting the data to a spreadsheet is one option,however for quick slice and dice Out-GridView is the cmdlet for you.

Thanks for reading.


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