SQL Beautifier

Today I came across some tools which does smart way of formatting your SQL code.Who does’nt like a code which is well formatted and easy to read.

I remember my college days when I used to write multiple lines of code for my final semester project and manually format the code for printing and ease of understanding purpose.

I would have scored better grades if I had thought about this tool long back!!! There are many tools out there,however the one which I liked well is  –


You can get beautiful and well formatted codes like



SET @endDate = Dateadd(hh, 1, Getdate()) — 1 hours from now

WHILE Getdate() < @endDate
VALUES      (1)

WAITFOR delay ’00:00:02′;

Hope you all liked this tool and happy coding!

<Update Added 12/10/2012

Today I found another tool which is pretty impressive,its http://sqlformat.appspot.com/



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