sys.messages – Datastore for all messages

This table is the datastore for all the messages in sql server system.The severity of the message is also included.I was curious to understand messages are generated in what all languages.After checking few of the system tables I was able to find that :

select * from sys.syslanguages
where lcid in(‘1033′,’1031′,’1036′,’1041′,’3082′,’1040′,’1049′,’1046′,’1028′,’1042′,’2052’)

Messages are generated in the below languages :

Traditional Chinese
Simplified Chinese

Sevierity Level 0 to 1o – Informational messages.

Sevierity Level 11 to 16 – Errors that can be corrected by users.

Sevierity Level 17 – Error because of running out of resources.

Sevierity Level 18 – Non fatal internal error,this means the task was completed,however there was an interanl error.

Sevierity Level 19 – Error and current process is terminated.

Severity Level 20 – Fatal Error in Current Process.
Severity Level 21 – Fatal Error in Database (dbid) Processes
Severity Level 22 – Fatal Error Table Integrity Suspect
Severity Level 23 – Fatal Error: Database Integrity Suspect
Severity Level 24 – Hardware Error

So next time when you get a message,you should seriously think of relating the sevierity level too which can be interesting.


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