This 64-bit application couldn’t load because your PC doesn’t have a 64-bit processor – Really !

From last night I have been doing lot of planning to setup a virtual environment on my laptop.It was kind a little complex one as I will be dealing with 3 VM’s on the laptop.One has to be setup as a domain controller and a windows cluster has to be setup and install SQL 2012 on all the VMs and do some real test on Availability groups.

Yes,some real testing on Availability Groups !

After intense planning I decided to install the very first VM using Virtual Box ( sized the VM pretty well giving 1GB memory,25GB HDD space and of course CPU.

I mounted the ISO of Windows Server 2008 R2 SP1 and was ready to start the install process and suddenly an error came up

I was pretty sure that the laptop which I was using was having a 64bit architecture and it was a Intel core i7 processor.

What else could go wrong ?

There is one area you need to check first if you run into the similar issue,ie check if Virtualization Technology has been enabled in your BIOS.

Wow,cool isnt ?

Yes,this has to be checked out and Microsoft virtual PC has a pretty decent article which will help you to find where its available in BIOS for different laptop models.

For my laptop this was indeed disabled by default.I enabled the same and was back to track.

I hope this quick post will help someone,some day.

Thanks for reading,and keep building virtual machines to test SQL 2012 !

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